Kumeng Baby is the brand company of Hong Kong kumeng,sets design,development,production and sales in one,using imported raw material and top equipment to produce products suitable for Chinese baby,with high quality,low price,comfortable,safe and other features,to provide a better choice for parents!

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Imitation breast nipple
is easy to accept for baby

The wide breast shaped teat promotes natural latch on similar to the breast and makes it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.


Safe and non-toxic:
imported medical grade silicone

Silicone,it is a material who can breathe,is soft,like the skin,and can stabilize the baby’s mood,is colorless,tasteless and non-toxic,does not contain harmful environment hormones,is durable and anti-fall,is suitable for all ages of children.


The noble in the feeding bottle,
every baby is worth having!


Built in concave-convex
petal design


More uniform when make milk powder


Innovative three valves


Hidden vent,is more effective to prevent spilling and anti-flatulence,then baby is easy to suck

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    Extra wide caliber bottle body

    Still use a bottle brush to clean the bottle?Wide caliber design,is easy to clean,removable bottle body makes bottle cleaning more convenient.

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    Less parts,
    simple and easy to assemble

    Kumeng Baby silicone feeding bottle is made up of four parts,dust cover,nipple, screw cap and bottle body,feeding simply and easily

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    Patents and testing
    Innovation and security

    Independent product design,certificated by the Swiss SGS testing agency,imported raw materials,only to give the better to baby,and let the baby grow up more healthy!

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